Fast and Easy Payment Using QR Code

What Is QR?
QR stands for "Quick Response". QR codes can store a lot of information. Whenever you scan the QR code, the information stored in the code is immediately available to be processed.

QR Code History
The QR code was invented in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wav, a subsidiary of Toyota. The company needed an accurate way to track vehicles and parts. To achieve this goal, the company developed a type of barcode that could encode kanji, kana, and alphabetic characters. After the QR barcode was released as open source, it was quickly adopted by the automotive industry. This was very important at that time, as many consumers in Japan demanded more transparency from large companies. They wanted to know exactly where their products came from, and this demand was not limited to cars, but also food, medicine, and other products. Therefore, the QR code was gradually integrated into the manufacturing industry. However, the initial reception of this idea was a bit slow because although QR codes were easily produced, square barcode scanners were not readily available to the general public. But today there are many applications and websites for scanning QR codes.

How do QR Codes Work?
The patterns in QR codes contain binary codes that can be interpreted and decoded. A QR code can be identified by the three large squares in the corners. As soon as these three squares are detected, the scanner knows that whatever is inside the square is a QR code. The QR scanner divides the QR code into a grid and then checks the squares of the grid individually and assigns a value to each one based on whether it is black or white. It then groups the grid squares to create larger patterns.

QR Code in Doris Bank
In Doris Neo Bank, you can use the QR code to do your daily transactions. QR code is a very simple way to make payments around the clock. Suppose you go to a restaurant and pay your bill without telling the waiter and leave. At this time, you can pay your account using a QR code and you will no longer need to pay cash or use a bank card. Doris Bank has launched an infrastructure for users and businesses so that they can benefit from the various capabilities and features of this technology by using QR codes.

How The QR Code Is Used?
A printed QR code can be used almost everywhere, in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, and on business cards. In addition, they can be displayed on product packaging or labels, billboards, or even walls. You can even tattoo a QR code on your body! You can use QR codes on a website, but they shouldn't generally be used as a replacement for old links, because the online user still prefers to scan a QR code with a mobile phone. These days, many businesses use QR codes for their advertisements, and this has made these brands more well-known.