Terms and Conditions

Doris software can only be used under the following rules and regulations. It is necessary to read these rules and regulations before usage. Read carefully about Doris services. Using Doris means accepting all these rules and regulations and any future claims or objections will be invalid. the rules and regulations may be changed or updated at any time. All applied Changes will be notified through the website, email, or message inside the software. The user's continued use of the software constitutes acceptance of the rules and the new regulations.

Article 1 - Definitions and Terms
1-1 Application: The software is used for mobile and users have the right to use it according to the terms of the contract written for Doris services. 1-2 User: an actual or legal person who connects to Doris application through the Internet and benefits from Doris software services. 1-3 User Account: It is an account that individuals can use to transfer money, exchange currency, and deposit and withdraw money. 1-4 Confidential Information: information provided by users to Doris; Including information that is directly entered by users. 1-5 Laws and Regulations: the constitution, ordinary laws, executive regulations, circulars, instructions, and all regulations governing the performance of the contract.

Article 2 - User Account
2-1 To become a member of Doris and use all its services, each user must create a user account. To create an account, the user must complete the form with details such as name, surname, mobile phone number, national card back and front photo, and authentication video. 2-2 Each person is only allowed to open one user account in Doris. 2-3 In case of non-cooperation of the user and failure to provide the relevant information, under certain circumstances, the user's identity may be authenticated by Doris. 2-4 People under the age of 18 are not allowed to use the Doris service and register their information in the Doris application. 2-5 fake user accounts will be identified and removed by the experts of the authentication department, and your device will be unable to access this application forever.

Article 3 - Ownership of Intellectual Rights of Doris Software
3-1 Users are only allowed to use its services for a limited and non-exclusive basis under the terms of this contract, without this rightful use which is created for them, the ownership of Doris software or other related moral rights, permit them to use the name, trademark, logo, etc. 3-2 Users cannot modify, reproduce or rewrite the Doris software or use it to produce a similar program. 3-3 Users are not allowed to use Doris software services except under the conditions stipulated in this contract, users don’t have the right to rent, sell and generally transfer Doris software and the rights arising from it or public display. 3-4 Users cannot access any of the services and programs and the network related to the servers in an unauthorized manner or attempt in this regard. Also, cannot find high-level code or machine language using reverse engineering or reverse translation. 3-5 Users can't copy the program or use a part of the program in another program.

Article 4 - General Obligations of the User
4-1 The user is not allowed to share his user account with other persons; both real and legal, especially people under 18 years, are not allowed to transfer it to another in any way. In case of violation, the account owner is responsible for all actions taken by others. 4-2 The responsibility for all the activities carried out through the user account is absolutely on the user. as a result, users must take the maximum precaution in maintaining their user account information, including username and password, and in this way prevents the use of others from it. It is also necessary for the user to change the password as soon as possible in case of suspicion of third-party access to his user account. If necessary, users inform Doris to block the mentioned user account. 4-3 The user is committed to complying with all the laws in using Doris services and using the software for legal purposes. In any case, taking into account the commercial dignity of the Doris software, do not commit any behavior that harms the reputation of Doris. 4-4 The user is only allowed to use Doris to meet personal needs and must avoid selling or commercial use of its services. In case of violation, four times the cost of the service performed by the violator will be charged as a penalty. Receipt of this amount is denied and Doris will not have the right to sue for damages.

Article 5 - Specific obligations of the user
5-1 The user acknowledges that by opening a user account in Doris, he only has a non-exclusive, non-transferable, and limited permission to use its services. Therefore, the user cannot claim ownership or have any rights to Doris (including its copyright, trademark, and other intellectual rights), In other cases specified in this contract, the user is not allowed to use the name and trademark, and services of Doris software, and he is committed to complying with the intellectual rights of the holding to the software and its accessories. 5-2 The user is committed to reading all the changes, additions, and corrections made by Medis Holding and sending through SMS, email, or Doris’s software regarding the use of Doris. In case of disagreement, while stopping the use of the services, officially notify his disapproval to Medis Holding. Not notifying Medis Holding or continuing to use the software, constitutes an assignment of The manuscript that has legal effects and binds the signatory to the provisions of the said document. 5-3 If documents are sent in a fake or damaged form during the authentication process, all the consequences will be according to Article 523 of the Islamic Penal Code, the punishment section, the responsibility of the user account owner and the sender, the right of legal prosecution is reserved for Medis Holding. 4-5 In case of a change in the identity information or the need to correct it, the user is obliged to inform Medis Holding as soon as possible. Therefore, negligence in this matter may cause any consequences for the user, for which Medis Holding has no responsibility.

Article 6 - Obligations of Doris Bank
6-1 Doris is committed to providing quality services and in this way, it tries to update the software according to the user’s needs and improve the level of services. 6-2 Doris is committed to respecting users' privacy. 6-3 Doris is committed to notifying and informing users of all changes, amendments, and additions to this contract through Doris’s software, email, or SMS. Each user can declare his unwillingness to use SMS services and request to stop these services. In case of making such a request, due to the possibility of causing disruptions in the service process, Doris is not responsible and the user has no right to object. 6-4 Doris has no responsibility regarding the performance of third parties that may cause defects or problems in the user account. 6-5 Doris cannot guarantee the execution of the Doris software on all hardware, mobile devices, or communication networks. 6-6 Doris, to protect its customers from possible fraud, matches your information that is in the hands of bank processors with your information. In some circumstances, if you receive or send a large amount of money through Doris, we review data about you and your business.